Congratulations on your engagement!

A church wedding is personal, spiritual, and meaningful – it is your chance to make your vows in front of God, friends and family, and to receive God’s blessing on your marriage. People have been worshipping at our churches for hundreds of years. Your wedding could become part of that grand tradition.

Who Can Get Married at The Alde Sandlings Benefice

Anybody over 18 years (or over 16 years with their guardian’s permission) can technically get married. To get married at any of our churches, there are certain criteria, which legally need to be met. If you live in the parish, you are automatically qualified to marry in our church. If not, there are other possible qualifying criteria – just contact Rev’d Sarah for details.

We would love to be part of your big day, and we can usually make it work!

Unfortunately, we are legally not allowed to marry same-sex couples in a church.

I Am Divorced – Can I Still Have a Church Wedding?

There are special guidelines for divorced people remarrying in church. However, in most circumstances, it is not a problem, and we are able to conduct the ceremony.

Is There Any Help With Planning the Service?

Absolutely! Rev’d Sarah will take time to meet and get to know you as a couple, and talk you through every aspect of the service and how it will fit into your day. Although some parts of the service are required by law, other elements are flexible and we can make the service very personal to you as a couple.

In the meantime, the Church of England website has an excellent section which answers many problems, and even has some suggestions for hymns and readings. This website can be found at The Church of England Weddings.

When Are Our Banns Read?

Banns are another legal requirement, and are usually read in the church you wish to get married at the first three Sundays of the month immediately before your wedding. If either of you live in a different parish, the banns must also be read there at the same time.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Married at the Alde Benefice Churches?

The current fees to get married in a Church of England church can be found at The cost of church weddings.

I would like to talk to somebody about my wedding – who should I contact?

Please see the Contact page, we will be happy to talk you through your options and any questions you may have.