Worship updates

As from Thursday 5th November, places of worship will be closed until at least Wednesday 2nd December. We will however be streaming online services. Please see our news page for weekly information.

BUT (and it’s a huge and very important ‘but’) the buildings may be closed but the church is still alive.  And, of course, there’s one thing that we can rely on 110%.  Whatever we are doing (or not doing), whatever Covid-19 throws at us, however difficult everyday life becomes, we worship a God who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent – who is all-powerful, all-knowing and everywhere, always.  And who is love.  Have no fear.

Private Prayer – Aldeburgh Parish Church will be open on Sundays only from 10am – 4pm for private prayer. 

Please follow the advice on the notices before you enter the building. Thank you.